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For non-partisan political action focusing on the interests of Coppet’s inhabitants

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defining guidelines to lead our decision-making during the 2021-2026 term of office

ECC commits to apply the following 9 defining guidelines in all its decisions during the 2021-2026 term of office, at the Municipality as well as at the Council

Sustainable development:
Information, analysis and investments

Setting sustainable development at the heart of all projects of the Municipality, with the creation of a permanent commission in the municipal council (Conseil communal), responsible for the review of projects and investments from an environmental perspective
Sensitising Coppet’s population through regular communication on such themes

Ligne directrice Entente Communale Coppet

Finance and management:

Balance, optimisation and determination 

Achieving fiscal balance through a strict and healthy management of the Municipality, with strategic investments and determined involvement in all actions aiming at the independence of the Municipality’s finances.

Ligne directrice Entente Communale Coppet


Control, moderation and consultation 

Pursue the Municipality’s development on focused projects, in a controlled manner and in consultation with all actors.

Ligne directrice Entente Communale Coppet

Coppet’s heritage:

Protection, maintenance and renovatio

Protection, continuous follow-up action, regular maintenance and investment in the communal heritage.

Ligne directrice Entente Communale Coppet

Sport and culture, tourism and events:

Support, support, support 

Position the Municipality as a project incubator in bringing funding, logistics and facilities to projects selected, with a view to maintaining activities that enhance links within the Municipality. Develop locations dedicated to the youth, particularly in creating sport infrastructure.

Ligne directrice Entente Communale Coppet


Prevention, surveillance and safety measures

Empower the Municipality with a true potential to address new security challenges.

Ligne directrice Entente Communale Coppet

Social life:

Housing, support and care 

Develop housing projects allowing the young and elderly to remain in Coppet.
Support the elderly to enable them to stay in their homes, expand socialisation potential and inter-generational exchanges.

Ligne directrice Entente Communale Coppet

Shops and traders:

Listen, encourage, support

Build an appropriate environment to ensure the maintenance and the development of trading activity in the Municipality.

Ligne directrice Entente Communale Coppet


Strategy, tools ands reflexes

Pursue the strategy initiated in 2020. Continue the gradual transfer of communication towards more current tools and stimulate a culture of communication within the Municipality. Strengthen the flow of information within the population on all aspects of change, whether municipal, cantonal or federal.

Ligne directrice Entente Communale Coppet

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