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elected for the Executive




Director of the Nyon secondary school
1969 - Married - two children

I have been involved in Coppet’s public life for thirty years and am passionate about it. I had the privilege of being elected to the Municipality in 2005 and have served as the mayor (Syndic) since 2011, with much pleasure. As politics and projects are not territorially limited, my engagement broadens to various other inter-communal, regional or cantonal entities where I represent Coppet and defend its interests. Community life is important for me, and I enjoy singing in Coppet’s men choir.

To engage in a Municipality requires a lot of dedicated time, and I wish to express gratitude to my employers who allow me to combine my professional life with my civic commitment. I am thus able to work without restraint for the maintenance of the quality of life of Coppet’s inhabitants. This is something I will continue to do with passion and determination.



Electricity technician (retired)
1951 - 2 children

Born in Coppet, I became involved very early in the associative and political life of my Municipality, first as a member and later as the president of the Council (Conseil communal), as well as chairman of a variety of other bodies. I have been a member of the Executive (Municipal) since 2006.

My various engagements aim at serving and caring for the well-being and security of Coppet’s inhabitants. My ambition is that the increasingly complex challenges of public life in our modern society be addressed with serenity and realism. In the current Municipality, my portfolio covers heritage, buildings and roads, and I see my role as introducing projects and equipment that respond to the population’s genuine needs. As a person sensitive to environmental issues, my approach is aimed at offering integrated solutions that allow a practical and sustainable ecological transition.




1957 - married - 5 children

I joined Coppet’s Council (Conseil communal) in 2001 and the Executive (Municipalité) in 2017. Among other dossiers, I am in charge of construction and physical planning, and wish to pursue the controlled and harmonious development of our environment, in full respect of our heritage and in agreement with all concerned actors. With regard to policing, I wish to maintain smooth collaborative relations with all professional bodies responsible for security in our Municipality and in the Terre Sainte generally.

After graduating from EPFL and after further training as a military pilot in the Swiss Air Force, I joined the Swiss Aviation Transport School to obtain an airline pilot licence. I was a pilot for Swissair, then Swiss, and retired as a long-haul captain in 2017.



Publicist, entrepreneur 
1968 - married - 2 children

Political engagement: 2016 at the Council (Conseil Communal) and 2019 as member of the Executive (Municipal)

Deeply anchored in and committed to Coppet for over 25 years, I have been able, over the years and through my encounters and associative and political experiences, to appreciate the privilege of living in Coppet. Since my election in the Executive, I devote myself to uphold all decisions that are directed at preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Coppet.

This implies, for instance, supporting local associations, shops and traders and projects that create links in the village; protecting the old town and its surroundings; promoting the controlled development of the village.





Human Resources Manager (retired)
1947 - 3 children, 4 grandchildren 

Political engagement: member of the Council (Conseil Communal) since 1998

Born in Zürich, I came to Geneva in 1968 for professional reasons. Ten years later, I was fortunate to move to Coppet with my family. Early on, I was overwhelmed by the quality of life in our Municipality. Eager to understand the institutional mechanisms, I volunteered to join the school committee and thereby contributed to the strengthening of quality and scope of the educational offerings. In parallel I became in 1998 a member of the Council. My aim at understanding and participating in community life has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and has given me a solid basis to address the executive charge that will be mine if I am elected. I am sensitive to ecological issues, and particularly to waste management.

I am a musician (flautist) and a member of the Harmonie de Terre Sainte, of which I am also the secretary. I eagerly look forward to joining the Municipality. 


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